Nov 2, 2011

What are the factors determine the computer speed.

Though lot of factors determine computer speed, i belive the following are the most important ones from Hardware side, which means one should keep in mind before buying a computer.They are

• Clock Speed of the Processor
• Architecture of the Processor 32 bit /64 bit
• Cache Memory Size
• FSB Speed

Clock Speed of the Processor :

Speed of a processor will be measure in MHz and GHz, like 2.20 GHz, 800 MHz like that, of course now a days all the processors are more than 1 GHz except some thin clients so you hardly find MHz. It's the first line you see in specifications of a processor.

Architecture of the Processor :

Architecture means 32 bit or 64 bit processor, it's like bandwidth of your internet if its 256kbps your download will be slow it its 512kbps you can do it fast. In the same way more bits more the time fast it can execute an instruction. All the computers are equipped with 64 bit processors today so 32 bit going to be limited for old computers only.

Cache Memory L2 :

Cache Memory is one of the main among these, because it stores the data which is being used by cpu repeatedly instead of grabbing from RAM so it will be accessed very fast and task will be processed fast hense performence and speed will be increased. This cache very use ful for graphics, video editing, gaming, multimedia, 3D etc.

FSB Speed :

Front Side Bus is the the channel through with Cpu communitcates with RAM also known as North Bridge. The speed of FSB is itself used to measure the performance of a computer. So Faster the FSB speed the faster the data transfer rate among the computer peripherals and over all cpu performance.FSB should be taken in to consideration while you purchase a motherboard and CPU.


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